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Serving Penance

I was sent to a training college at Leatherhead when I was a teenager. I had to stay there for two and a half years and I learned landscape gardening. After that I… Continue reading

Cornwall and the Old West

I’m a member of The Searchers Old West Re-enactment Society and I’ve been involved in historical re-enactment for years. I was originally interested in the Civil War period, but the history of the… Continue reading

A Future in Fishing

I’ve been fishing since I was about 13 or 14 and I’m 17 now. I’ve had this boat for about a year and I part-own it with my dad, but it’s me that… Continue reading


This business belongs to my sister-in-law Kelly and she runs it with her dad Bob who’s been fishing all his life. He’s retired now, and he just goes out with Kelly because she’s… Continue reading

Relubbus and St. Tudy

Of all the places we’ve been on holiday, the two best ones have been Relubbus and St Tudy. Brilliant weather for both of them, except for the day I had to buy this… Continue reading

Adrenaline Popping

The surf was really good today. It was a bit scary here and there – quite big – but alright. I’ve been surfing for about eight years and it’s very much a passion.… Continue reading

Goodbye Cornwall

I’m here saying goodbye to Cornwall and to my old friends, I suppose. I was born in Ireland, but I grew up here because when my dad left my mum, she came down… Continue reading

Healing the Emptiness

I work as a Psychologist and a Shaman. I work in a hospital in Plymouth half of the time and privately for the rest. I’ve learned to integrate the two approaches. I listen… Continue reading

Foraging for Percy

I’m collecting mussels for our cat, Percy. We’ve got a holiday let down in St Mawes, and when I used to go down there to look after it, I used to collect mussels… Continue reading

Out of Africa

I was born in Africa and I’ve travelled quite a lot. You learn a lot by travelling and I love it. But there isn’t a place in the whole of Africa where I… Continue reading