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The Rainy Nights

I’ve had seven heart attacks and I’ve been dead three times. The first time I had a heart attack I drove to the hospital gates and died on the doorstep. I drove 50… Continue reading

Cornwall on Steroids

I’ve just got a new visa to go and work in Canada for a year again. I work as a lift operator on ski lifts, so I just transfer from surfing in Cornwall… Continue reading

The Trilby Hero

I joined the merchant navy at 17 and I’d been round the world 3 times by the time I was 21 – then I did something daft and got married which put paid… Continue reading

A Benevolent Leap

I’m a full time mum and I do promo and charity work as well. Last year I jumped out of a plane for Children’s Hospice South West. My mum had been into the… Continue reading


Survival – that’s what I’ve learned from my life so far – I’ve learned how to survive. Life has toughened me up. I’ve been homeless for six years because of depression, and I… Continue reading

Goodbye Cornwall

I’m here saying goodbye to Cornwall and to my old friends, I suppose. I was born in Ireland, but I grew up here because when my dad left my mum, she came down… Continue reading


We’re here to protest against what ATOS is doing to disabled people. ATOS is a French company who are employed by the government at HUGE cost to the taxpayer to run Work Capability… Continue reading

Angry and Demoralised – Stop ATOS (2)

This wreath is to commemorate the people who have died because of ATOS Work Capability Assessments. There are known to be 30 people who have been registered with the coroner as dying because… Continue reading

Evil Prevails – Stop ATOS (3)

My wife made me this sign this morning. We were trying to think what would be a good thing to write and she came up with this. I’ve never been to a protest… Continue reading

Quit or Die

Yes, this IS a real tarantula, and those are real scorpions. Don’t worry, they’re not endangered. People deep fry them. They curl up when they’re dropped in oil and then you snap the… Continue reading