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Boobs and Bikinis

When we came back from New Zealand it took me months and months to find a job – finding a creative, art-oriented job in Cornwall is quite tough. I wasn’t really getting anywhere… Continue reading

Bellyboarding Babe

I’m only carrying this flag because I was handed it by an official. He said, ‘Can you hold this for a photograph please?’ Coming to the Bellyboarding Championships was a madcap idea from… Continue reading

World Bellyboarding Championships

The World Bellyboarding Championships started off as a small competition a few years ago with about 13 competitors and now it’s turned into this cacophony of people. I work for the National Trust… Continue reading

A Future in Fishing

I’ve been fishing since I was about 13 or 14 and I’m 17 now. I’ve had this boat for about a year and I part-own it with my dad, but it’s me that… Continue reading


This business belongs to my sister-in-law Kelly and she runs it with her dad Bob who’s been fishing all his life. He’s retired now, and he just goes out with Kelly because she’s… Continue reading

Adrenaline Popping

The surf was really good today. It was a bit scary here and there – quite big – but alright. I’ve been surfing for about eight years and it’s very much a passion.… Continue reading

Goodbye Cornwall

I’m here saying goodbye to Cornwall and to my old friends, I suppose. I was born in Ireland, but I grew up here because when my dad left my mum, she came down… Continue reading

What more can you want?

I work for Stevenson down at Newlyn dock. He is the owner of this boat and a fleet of other fishing boats. I’m a painter and I help with other stuff. I was… Continue reading

A Tribute to Cornish Identity

We’re celebrating with some Tribute because today is a good day. We’re celebrating the joining of the Celtic nations. Cornish people have been recognised as an ethnic minority. I’m really pleased, and so… Continue reading

Foraging for Percy

I’m collecting mussels for our cat, Percy. We’ve got a holiday let down in St Mawes, and when I used to go down there to look after it, I used to collect mussels… Continue reading