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Only in Cornwall

My daughter came home with this letter from school the other day – I found it on the table at 11.30 at night and it said, ‘Tomorrow year 3 will be having a… Continue reading

The Power of the Sea

We’re all volunteers in here. Our job is to log traffic movement round the St.Ives area – from Clodgy Point through to Portreath Bay. We monitor all the movement as far as the… Continue reading

Slugfight at the OK Corral

I live a pretty plain life. I make films and look after this one. If I could do anything in the world I’d make films all day every day. I won awards while… Continue reading

Spearhead and Blades

I did some research into Polynesian art for my tattoo, and the spearhead and blades I have on my arm signify overcoming things – it’s sort of about strength, but more about overcoming… Continue reading

From Doom to teapots

I went to London to see my son and he said I was scruffy, so I had to buy a coat. This is my London coat and this is the hat I feed… Continue reading

The hardest job you’ve got

I chose to study Psychology and Philosophy – the silent Ps  – because I was interested in people, but I knew by Christmas I didn’t like it. When I finished my degree I… Continue reading

Tragedy and Joy

I spent most of my life in the shipyard at Falmouth in the pipe shop – welding and making pipes from small bore copper ones to 16 inch diameter ones. There were 3000… Continue reading


I’m part of a couple of circuses round Cornwall – Swamp Circus and Herd Circus. I was in panto with my parents when I was tiny, so I’m used to performing. I did… Continue reading

Lift the spirits

“You could write, ‘this lady’s not all smiling and happy because she’s not long lost her husband.’ People will understand that, won’t they? I thought if I dyed my hair it might lift… Continue reading

Hippy Uncle Jay

I usually dress like a bit of a hippy – most people know me as Hippy Uncle Jay – but today I’m going to a wedding in St.Agnes and I thought I’d try… Continue reading