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We’ve been living in Malaga, Spain for many years – the children were born there – and I’ve only been here for 5 months. My husband is English and I encouraged him to… Continue reading

From Doom to teapots

I went to London to see my son and he said I was scruffy, so I had to buy a coat. This is my London coat and this is the hat I feed… Continue reading

Riding with the devil

We’re gypsies, and the older ones believe if you take our photo, you steal our soul. I believe the same things as the older ones, but a bit different, so take my photo.… Continue reading

Harbour Jumping

“What do you enjoy doing?” “Mostly just hanging out and going to the beach. Oh, and harbour jumping at Portreath.” “Oh, isn’t that quite scary? It’s pretty high…” “You don’t really think about… Continue reading

Sowing seeds

I used to be… I suppose it’s called ‘Course Manager’ now… for BTEC Agricultural and Marine Engineering and I was diagnosed with depression. They put me on tablets but it wasn’t making any… Continue reading

Fear nothing

I came out of prison in January. I did nine months in the Czech Republic for a political cultural protest. They were going to close the opera house in the town where I… Continue reading

Homage to Buckfast

“Before we came here we went to Buckfast Abbey and met Father Christopher.” “An actual monk?” “Yeah, a Benedictine. There’s this wine they make which is synonymous with Chavs in Northern Ireland where… Continue reading

Cornish chic

I interrupted this victim on a walk with her equally stylish mother along Porthleven Harbour. She’s currently working in London, but clearly gets her excellent dress sense from her Cornish childhood.

Back seat cream tea arranging

Silent disapproval of cream placement, spotted at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge.

Everything’s alright

“It’s still some hot, isn’t it – the grass is going to need cutting again soon.” “It must keep you busy looking after these grounds. Have you been a gardener for long?” “Yeah.… Continue reading