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Not a Bad Life

I was getting pretty good grades at school before I dropped out. I was a really shy kid and wouldn’t say anything, so I got bullied quite a lot and I ended up… Continue reading

A Benevolent Leap

I’m a full time mum and I do promo and charity work as well. Last year I jumped out of a plane for Children’s Hospice South West. My mum had been into the… Continue reading

Cornwall Boogie Woogie

I look like a hippy today, but now’s a great time to take my photograph because I’ve got pretty good underwear on. I’m de-hoarding all the clutter at my place at the moment.… Continue reading

A Little Bit of Time

I won a place at Camberwell School of Art when I was younger, but I ended up teaching science because my father said there was no money in art. I don’t regret it… Continue reading

A Caring Life

I was a carer for about 22 years for an old woman who lived in the same town as me. She was an artist and pianist. I was 19 when I first knew… Continue reading

Healing the Emptiness

I work as a Psychologist and a Shaman. I work in a hospital in Plymouth half of the time and privately for the rest. I’ve learned to integrate the two approaches. I listen… Continue reading

Life Enrichment

This is Buffy – as in the vampire slayer – and Smokey Joe is over there. We bring them down to the beach regularly to exercise on the wet sand. It makes a… Continue reading

Tool in the Box

I was stationed here with the Navy in 1991 and have been based here ever since. I was in Afghanistan for some of my time, and on one occasion we had a helicopter… Continue reading

Choosing Cornwall

This is my daughter, and this is Elvis. He’s very cute and he does actually sing. We’re sitting here thinking how beautiful today is. I’ve been here most of my life, but originally… Continue reading

Only in Cornwall

My daughter came home with this letter from school the other day – I found it on the table at 11.30 at night and it said, ‘Tomorrow year 3 will be having a… Continue reading