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It’s my birthday today and this whole weekend was a surprise. I was in a grump because I thought he was working so we weren’t going to be able to celebrate as much… Continue reading


“Excuse me, would you mind me taking a photograph of you? You have an excellent beard. I have a bit of a thing about beards.” “Lots of people do at the moment.” I… Continue reading

The Oldest Cow

I spent 12 years volunteering with VSO in some very poor areas of India and Africa – always in rural village situations. It rubs off on you when you see how unfair life… Continue reading

Scooter Girls

I had my first scooter when I was six. It was a three wheeler. It usually goes from four, then three, then two wheels. We go to the skate park at Tuckingmill sometimes.… Continue reading


We’ve been living in Malaga, Spain for many years – the children were born there – and I’ve only been here for 5 months. My husband is English and I encouraged him to… Continue reading


I’m retired now, but I worked here in Gwithian for 41 years at the sand works. Where those little lakes are behind the Sandsifter over there – the council put those in after… Continue reading

The Wonder of Things

“Mum was diagnosed ten years ago with Non–Hodgkin Lymphoma…”  “I’ve got the same cancer as Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. If you’re going to have cancer, you may as well have a famous… Continue reading

Me and Mr Jones

This is Jones. We’ve had him since he was a puppy when he only reached the knob on the bottom drawer in the kitchen. Now he reaches the worktop. My girlfriend runs the… Continue reading

Iberian Genes

The Cornish language is very important to me. It’s part of me. I grew up in a very Cornish family, and the language that was spoken becomes part of your whole identity. It… Continue reading

The Myth of Dolly Pentreath

I grew up in Cornwall but I moved up to Bedfordshire in the eighties to find work. There were no jobs here. When I got into archaeology it was a toss up between… Continue reading