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Bieber fever

Me: “You look cool in those safety glasses.” Colleague: “Yeah, like Morrissey.” Me: He’s far too young to know who Morrissey is. Karl: Yeah. Not Morrissey – Justin Bieber. Me: Justin Bieber? You… Continue reading

Through Bodmin town a-riding.

One of Bodmin’s Helliers showing no signs of fatigue despite spending all Bodmin Riding day taming the beast and crawling the pubs in the scorching sun. “Through Bodmin Town a-riding we will go!… Continue reading

Oyez, Oyez

“I’m a Town Crier. You’ve just missed the Town Crier competition.” “Oh! I wanted to see that! Did you win?” “Nope.” “You fluffed a word today, didn’t you.” “Oh, what word?” “Erm…… I… Continue reading


For some people, looking cool just comes naturally.

Bemused BMXers

“Do you mind if I take a photo of you two for our Faces of Cornwall blog?” “Yeah, ok (shrugs). We’re not from here, though.” “Where are you from?” “Nottingham.” “Did you come… Continue reading


” I’ve been homeless for 27 years, mostly because of the drink. I’m a notorious drunk. In South East London where I grew up, all the men in my life used to go… Continue reading


“Buy cheap, buy twice” is one of my favourite sayings. I don’t know why. I’m one of those people who says things out of context to break what’s expected. And because it makes… Continue reading


“Yes. My friend knitted it for me and I put it on the hat.” “It’s the best hat we’ve seen all day.” “You know what kind of bird it is, don’t you…” “In… Continue reading

Of course I’m happy

“I refuse to claim benefits. This is my only income.” “And do you like it?” “Yes. If I compare it to how I lived when I was 20.” “I am approaching 20. What… Continue reading

Carole With an E

“Can I take your photograph?” “Not here… but you can in the British History section!” “Oh. Okay! Well I’ll jus–” “Last week I was playing my Hammered Dulcimer in Japan, and now here… Continue reading