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Change Someone’s Life

I was always fascinated by The National Geographic magazine and I’ve got stacks of them because my best friend Tay used to buy me a subscription for Christmas. I never actually read it… Continue reading

Bare Knuckle Determination

I finished my Music degree in May and I just got offered a job. One of my friends works for Bare Knuckle Pickups and said they’re looking for someone. I phoned up and… Continue reading

Not a Bad Life

I was getting pretty good grades at school before I dropped out. I was a really shy kid and wouldn’t say anything, so I got bullied quite a lot and I ended up… Continue reading

Cornwall Boogie Woogie

I look like a hippy today, but now’s a great time to take my photograph because I’ve got pretty good underwear on. I’m de-hoarding all the clutter at my place at the moment.… Continue reading

A Little Bit of Time

I won a place at Camberwell School of Art when I was younger, but I ended up teaching science because my father said there was no money in art. I don’t regret it… Continue reading


Survival – that’s what I’ve learned from my life so far – I’ve learned how to survive. Life has toughened me up. I’ve been homeless for six years because of depression, and I… Continue reading

Predator and Prey

When I’m not herding ducks at shows, I’m employed as a shepherd full time. Once I finish here I’ve got to go back and see what else has lambed. Mainly the job involves… Continue reading

All at Sea

I’ve been interested in Photography all my life but I didn’t train as a Photographer, I joined the Merchant Navy. I served my apprenticeship with an American firm and spent the first two… Continue reading

Healing the Emptiness

I work as a Psychologist and a Shaman. I work in a hospital in Plymouth half of the time and privately for the rest. I’ve learned to integrate the two approaches. I listen… Continue reading

The Heartbeat of the World

This is a self-help spinning group (self help because otherwise I end up trying to teach people and I never get to do any spinning). It’s based at Sue’s Wool Shop (Pratt’s Market,… Continue reading