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The Beautiful & The Damned

I don’t usually dress this smartly – I had to borrow my daughter’s dress for the show. Somebody said we’ve all dressed as our work – and I certainly seem to have! This… Continue reading

Another World is Possible

I used to be a councillor for Camborne West, but I’m alright now. I decided, in the words of Tony Benn, to get out and do some real campaigning so I’m here representing… Continue reading

Fear nothing

I came out of prison in January. I did nine months in the Czech Republic for a political cultural protest. They were going to close the opera house in the town where I… Continue reading

Float above it

“Travelling’s in my blood. I can’t settle in one spot because I like to be free. I can’t feel closed in. I like to sleep out there and see the stars and hear… Continue reading

Wild Food

“As well as college, I teach private classes in all kinds of cookery, but I’ve been working with Caroline Davey from The Fat Hen and she’s really inspired me with her foraging mornings.… Continue reading