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If You Go Down Tehidy Woods Today…

We’re Rogue Theatre and we’re here at Tehidy Woods doing a show called The Wild Woodland Summer Ball for the next few weeks – from the 15th to the 31st August. There are two… Continue reading

Rocking Retirement

I went straight into work on my dad’s farm when I left school. I’d have liked to have done catering, but when you’re brought up in farming you know that’s what you’re going… Continue reading

F**k You, I’m a Rock Star

You can speak to my band members if you want. They’ll tell you the truth about me. The band’s called Alkatraz – with a K not a C – because we’re all about… Continue reading

Me and Mr Jones

This is Jones. We’ve had him since he was a puppy when he only reached the knob on the bottom drawer in the kitchen. Now he reaches the worktop. My girlfriend runs the… Continue reading

No Fixed Abode

We’re called No Fixed Abode and we formed the duo to raise some money because we’re planning to travel Europe and visit Boom Festival in Portugal. We’ve got some music up on our… Continue reading


“”Is that a functioning monocle you have around your neck?” “Yes. I nearly lost my eye to an Agave.” “Oh, what’s that?” “It’s the plant that Tequila is made from.”


It is rare (never) that we feature a guest photograph here on One & All, but this one was a bit too good to miss. It arrived in the inbox of our Facebook… Continue reading

Hippy Uncle Jay

I usually dress like a bit of a hippy – most people know me as Hippy Uncle Jay – but today I’m going to a wedding in St.Agnes and I thought I’d try… Continue reading

music maker

“Oh, I don’t want my face on the Internet cos the tax man’ll have me. Not that I earn enough, but you can’t be too careful. I don’t mind if you photograph the… Continue reading

PGCE Graduate

“The reason I love teaching – truthfully – is when I get a student who experiences that lightbulb moment.” “What do you mean by ‘lightbulb moment’?” “The lightbulb moment happens when you’ve explained… Continue reading