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Odd Socks

I usually wax my moustache, but I didn’t do it this morning. I like to stand out from the crowd, but I haven’t always been like that – I used to be shy… Continue reading

Living in Nothingness

We emigrated from Cornwall to Australia when I was thirteen, and I came back here to die. When I was twenty-four I got cancer and I was given four weeks to live. The… Continue reading

As He Leads

After I left school I went into the Air Force and ended up driving lorries. When the Falklands War came along my wife left me – I was there driving lorries and she… Continue reading

In Charge of My Destiny

My mum married my stepdad when I was 11. He was my stepdad, but to me he was my real dad. My actual real dad could walk in here and I wouldn’t have… Continue reading

It’s a Wrap

“Our mate Perry’s getting married tomorrow and this is his car. He left it here last night.” “Where are they getting married?” “In Falmouth at the Princess Pavilions.” “Brilliant. When’s he going to… Continue reading

Spring Wedding

My dad got married this weekend to my stepmum Lucy who’s a teacher. My dad’s kind of eccentric and cool. They got married at Penryn town hall and instead of having the usual… Continue reading

The Trilby Hero

I joined the merchant navy at 17 and I’d been round the world 3 times by the time I was 21 – then I did something daft and got married which put paid… Continue reading

Finding Peace

My son is at Falmouth sailing school and he bought me a surfboard for my birthday so we’ve been surfing for the last few days. I’m a complete beginner and I haven’t caught… Continue reading

Losing a Father and Gaining a Dad

My real dad lived with us until I was five and he used to beat my mum to a pulp. He was 25 stone with a turn in his eye and he was… Continue reading

Strength in Adversity

We live in St. Just but we’re here because we got married last week. We’ve spent the week sleeping, having saunas and enjoying the spa, so this is our first really active day.… Continue reading