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Odd Socks

I usually wax my moustache, but I didn’t do it this morning. I like to stand out from the crowd, but I haven’t always been like that – I used to be shy… Continue reading

I just think he’s a c**t

Dean: Well, what is there to know about us..? I’m a drunken punk junky bastard, Rachael is stunning and our daughter is a fucking nightmare because she’s a mix of the two. Rachael:… Continue reading

Outgrowing Violence

I used to be a bully in primary school. I was really horrible to people and I used to fight them. I don’t really know why I started fighting – I think I… Continue reading

A Caring Life

I was a carer for about 22 years for an old woman who lived in the same town as me. She was an artist and pianist. I was 19 when I first knew… Continue reading

Goodbye Cornwall

I’m here saying goodbye to Cornwall and to my old friends, I suppose. I was born in Ireland, but I grew up here because when my dad left my mum, she came down… Continue reading

Finding Peace

My son is at Falmouth sailing school and he bought me a surfboard for my birthday so we’ve been surfing for the last few days. I’m a complete beginner and I haven’t caught… Continue reading

Cornish Expat

Cornwall is where I come from – it’s where I grew up and where I have a lot of filial connections, but it’s not my home because I have a new life and… Continue reading


We’ve been living in Malaga, Spain for many years – the children were born there – and I’ve only been here for 5 months. My husband is English and I encouraged him to… Continue reading

Making a Life

What I’m trying to figure out at the moment is how to make a life and a living in the county I grew up in, but I may have to move away again… Continue reading

Creating the future

I’m from Poland and I’ve been here since December. I’m working in a care home with people suffering from Dementia. It’s very interesting and sad, but what can I do? All I can… Continue reading