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Cornwall Boogie Woogie

I look like a hippy today, but now’s a great time to take my photograph because I’ve got pretty good underwear on. I’m de-hoarding all the clutter at my place at the moment.… Continue reading


“Excuse me, would you mind me taking a photograph of you? You have an excellent beard. I have a bit of a thing about beards.” “Lots of people do at the moment.” I… Continue reading

The Myth of Dolly Pentreath

I grew up in Cornwall but I moved up to Bedfordshire in the eighties to find work. There were no jobs here. When I got into archaeology it was a toss up between… Continue reading

The whole thing’s a set up (part 1)

“People often ask me for a photograph – usually students – so I’m used it it. I think it’s the hair. Unfortunately I’ve just cut my beard – it was much longer. I’ve… Continue reading


It is rare (never) that we feature a guest photograph here on One & All, but this one was a bit too good to miss. It arrived in the inbox of our Facebook… Continue reading

My Past Me

I’m originally from Glasgow. I’ve been here 26 years, and in my little cottage for 25 years. We came down when my wife got a job here – she was a college lecturer,… Continue reading

Not getting any younger

I’m 59 and I’ve had tattoos all my life, but I only had the head and face done last year. My mum made me promise I would never tattoo any bits of me… Continue reading

Someone else’s problem

I don’t mind looking an idiot. I hardly ever bother to look in the mirror. I don’t give a shit what I look like really – the way I see it, if it’s a… Continue reading

The Edge of the World

“The shop used to be called Books Plus. We wanted to call it something that sounded like a book title and might fire people’s imagination. And of course we are at the edge… Continue reading

Arresting moustaches

I’m from Cornwall, but my girlfriend is Swedish and we’re living in Stockholm because Masters programmes are free in Sweden to EU residents. I’m studying Music Industry Management, and manage a few bands.… Continue reading