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Predator and Prey

When I’m not herding ducks at shows, I’m employed as a shepherd full time. Once I finish here I’ve got to go back and see what else has lambed. Mainly the job involves… Continue reading

Finding Peace

My son is at Falmouth sailing school and he bought me a surfboard for my birthday so we’ve been surfing for the last few days. I’m a complete beginner and I haven’t caught… Continue reading

Cornish Expat

Cornwall is where I come from – it’s where I grew up and where I have a lot of filial connections, but it’s not my home because I have a new life and… Continue reading

Everything about Today is Wonderful

Oh! You’re making me cry. Hold on…. I’ll explain why in a minute… It’s just… you’ve made my day… I’ve only been back in Cornwall for a week and I’m so happy. I… Continue reading

An oasis of nostalgia in Redruth

“We try to make the shop feel like it’s a different world – like you step away from the outside altogether when you walk through the door. We want it to evoke the… Continue reading

Riding with the devil

We’re gypsies, and the older ones believe if you take our photo, you steal our soul. I believe the same things as the older ones, but a bit different, so take my photo.… Continue reading

Semi retirement

I’ve been doing this for nearly 49 years. Started when I was 21. I used to have two yards, but they were on at me to  get retired, so I gave one of… Continue reading

Pottery in the family

I always bring a chair up here because I’ve got nerve damage in my feet, so I can’t walk very far. The doctor says it happened because I was really stressed when my… Continue reading

No man has ever kept me

“I’m an old-fashioned girl and I take after my Gran, Henrietta. She ran a corner shop and brought up four children all on her own. She ended up owning three houses. Her shop… Continue reading

The Edge of the World

“The shop used to be called Books Plus. We wanted to call it something that sounded like a book title and might fire people’s imagination. And of course we are at the edge… Continue reading