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This Library of Earth

I graduated in September with a 2:1 in Environmental Science from Plymouth University, and I’m a big Greenpeace supporter. We’ve got a really big campaign against Palm Oil at the moment. In South… Continue reading

Finding Peace

My son is at Falmouth sailing school and he bought me a surfboard for my birthday so we’ve been surfing for the last few days. I’m a complete beginner and I haven’t caught… Continue reading

Bruce Crantock’s ‘Simple’ Silversmithing

I’ve been here for 12 years, and silversmithing for 30 years. I started with an apprenticeship in Newquay. For the first three months they set me onto polishing ingots to make sure I… Continue reading

Better Than Drugs

My life’s mental. I put festivals on and I’m in two bands as well, so I come down here for my lull before the storm. It feels like home. I don’t know why… Continue reading

Strength in Adversity

We live in St. Just but we’re here because we got married last week. We’ve spent the week sleeping, having saunas and enjoying the spa, so this is our first really active day.… Continue reading

Slugfight at the OK Corral

I live a pretty plain life. I make films and look after this one. If I could do anything in the world I’d make films all day every day. I won awards while… Continue reading

She Saved Me

I was in a boy’s home most of my life and when I left at 16, I had no direction. If you don’t know what you want to do, there’s nobody there to… Continue reading

What can YOU do?

“I probably am a Face of Cornwall because I’m always out picking up litter. My son and I regularly pop up here and there. We do lay-bys and things sometimes – not spontaneously… Continue reading

Making a Life

What I’m trying to figure out at the moment is how to make a life and a living in the county I grew up in, but I may have to move away again… Continue reading

Spearhead and Blades

I did some research into Polynesian art for my tattoo, and the spearhead and blades I have on my arm signify overcoming things – it’s sort of about strength, but more about overcoming… Continue reading