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Boobs and Bikinis

When we came back from New Zealand it took me months and months to find a job – finding a creative, art-oriented job in Cornwall is quite tough. I wasn’t really getting anywhere… Continue reading

Gobsmackingly Beautiful

I’ve known for as long as I can remember that I felt wrong, but when I was small I didn’t really understand what it was. I knew it was something to do with… Continue reading

Let’s Sue them All

You won’t find many people with a PhD working in a tearoom, but I love it here. I do a few shifts when I can while the regular lady recovers from a knee… Continue reading

Change Someone’s Life

I was always fascinated by The National Geographic magazine and I’ve got stacks of them because my best friend Tay used to buy me a subscription for Christmas. I never actually read it… Continue reading

Absence of the Normal

There’s not many jobs down here in Cornwall with a bit of security, so when I was eighteen I went in the army. I did weigh up the risks before I went in.… Continue reading

Making it Happen

I’ve been in business thirty-three years now and I’m just putting a bit back – that’s what it’s all about really. We’re now setting up for our 25th or 26th charity rally at… Continue reading

Perfect Pooches

When I was sixteen I worked in my cousin’s grooming parlour doing dog washing. It was really hard work because it was very busy and I was constantly lifting ten-ton rottweillers into baths,… Continue reading

That’s Life

It’s handsome down here isn’t it. I live in Relubbus and come down with my bucket to collect grit for the canaries. I breed, show and sell them and I’ve got thirty-odd at… Continue reading

Living in Nothingness

We emigrated from Cornwall to Australia when I was thirteen, and I came back here to die. When I was twenty-four I got cancer and I was given four weeks to live. The… Continue reading

I just think he’s a c**t

Dean: Well, what is there to know about us..? I’m a drunken punk junky bastard, Rachael is stunning and our daughter is a fucking nightmare because she’s a mix of the two. Rachael:… Continue reading