Stand Up and Be Counted

I’m a Cornishman alright – there’s not much doubt about that – and I was a miner for about 11 years. I got this tattoo of Wheal Busy Mine done a while ago,… Continue reading

In Charge of My Destiny

My mum married my stepdad when I was 11. He was my stepdad, but to me he was my real dad. My actual real dad could walk in here and I wouldn’t have… Continue reading


Pugwash is my nickname from years and years ago. In the late 60s/70s there was a craze for military uniforms and my mate had a really fancy velvet jacket with big sleeves and… Continue reading

Working Together

  We’ve just opened this place – it’s a new venture – a collaboration between four separate businesses. We were all in Trevithick Market at Camborne, but it didn’t work out for us… Continue reading

A Walking Miracle

I’ve got this scar right across my forehead where I had an operation. When I’d just turned 34 – at two o’clock on Sunday the 27th of November 1994 – three veins collapsed… Continue reading

As Mad as Anyone Else

My old man was a pisshead bus driver – a lot of bus drivers in the 70s were pissheads. He became a bus driver because he’d done it in the army. He was… Continue reading

Sort the Buggers Out

I’m Cornish born and bred and I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve seen lots of changes for the worse. A lot of shops have gone – the big superstores have taken it… Continue reading

From Scum to Hero

I’ve been in the papers twice. Once I was called ‘scum’ and the other time I was called ‘hero.’ There’s a guildhall right in the middle of the square in Peterborough. About twenty… Continue reading

All Change

I was born in Redruth Hospital and used to live in Camborne but I moved to Falmouth years ago and in some ways I regret it. I gave up driving years ago and… Continue reading

Understanding the Past

I think a lot of people would like to write a book, and a lot of people could. But it’s about opportunity – my circumstances at the time meant I was able to… Continue reading