Transient Art

I started making Transient Art a couple of years ago. This is only a tiny practice piece because it was going to be too windy to make one on the beach this evening.… Continue reading

Being Betty Stoggs

People think being Betty Stoggs is my real job, but actually I’m a sales manager for M. A. Grigg at St. Austell. Originally I was nominated to do Betty Stoggs for the first… Continue reading

The Beautiful & The Damned

I don’t usually dress this smartly – I had to borrow my daughter’s dress for the show. Somebody said we’ve all dressed as our work – and I certainly seem to have! This… Continue reading

Seen the Light

“I’m wearing the kilt because I’ve got to do my bit for Cornwall. It’s a fantastic part of the world. I’m not the Cornish one though – he is. He’s lived here all… Continue reading

Crochet Maid

I’m crocheting a scarf for a stall at the Tolmen Centre in Constantine, and Merryn just fell off her scooter, so she needs a cuddle. A lady I know has organised a craft… Continue reading

As He Leads

After I left school I went into the Air Force and ended up driving lorries. When the Falklands War came along my wife left me – I was there driving lorries and she… Continue reading

Cornwall’s a Drag

We snorted snuff on our first date. It was the first time either of us had tried it and you can sit in a bar and do it. Plus it feels a bit… Continue reading

Escaping the Rat Race

This is an Austin 7 Nippy. My son found it in a barn in Somerset. It’s quite a rare little car – they only made about 500 of them. The tax ran out… Continue reading

If You Go Down Tehidy Woods Today…

We’re Rogue Theatre and we’re here at Tehidy Woods doing a show called The Wild Woodland Summer Ball for the next few weeks – from the 15th to the 31st August. There are two… Continue reading

A Bit of a Lad

We called our tea room ‘Olde Penny’s’ after our grandfather. His name was Philip Perkin Penberthy and Penny was his nickname during the war. Penny’s also a play on words for the old… Continue reading