River knickers

Rounding a corner outside the derelict brewery in Redruth, I found a team of people sifting rubbish out of the river and laughing uproariously. “We do find some pretty manky stuff on clean… Continue reading

Not the Royal Cornwall

“I’d rather be here than at The Royal Cornwall Show.”

Seize the Day

I’d just decided to abandon Cornwall’s metropolis and find a quiet cliff to sit on when I noticed this girl in an odd tailcoat carrying this sign. “I’ve got loads of thoughts.” I… Continue reading

Al O’Pecia

I thought I was alone up Carn Brea admiring the geography when an apparition in orange sprang upright on a rock above me and frightened the s**t out of me. “I was just… Continue reading

Raking for Bombs

You never know what you’re going to find when you stand on Flushing Quay to look out over the sea. This time, it was Bernie, rake in hand, combing the shoreline. “What on… Continue reading

The most infectious laugh in Cornwall

Early this year I stopped at Swanpool Beach to give the dog an opportunity to eat some seaweed. There were mannikins on the beach and knitted things all over the rocks. In the centre of… Continue reading