Murdoch’s drummer

Spotted this drummer in Redruth’s Murdoch Day parade this morning. All drummers should look like this. Advertisements

Silver wedding smoke

Celebrating 25 years of successful marriage by losing one’s pipe virginity in some rare Cornish sunshine. Congratulations Rat and Elli.

Love and maggots

“What do you love most about him?” “His stories about the past. And that he stood by me when I went through a terrible time.” “What kind of stories?” “Like when he sat… Continue reading

Only Now do I Know

“Is there a reason for collecting all the twine?” “Well, I’m doing it to protect sea life, but I could make a giant pair of knitting needles and try knitting something.” “Is that… Continue reading


“I moved to Cornwall 20 years ago to retire.” “And what do you like most about it?” “This plane.”

Of course I’m happy

“I refuse to claim benefits. This is my only income.” “And do you like it?” “Yes. If I compare it to how I lived when I was 20.” “I am approaching 20. What… Continue reading

Carole With an E

“Can I take your photograph?” “Not here… but you can in the British History section!” “Oh. Okay! Well I’ll jus–” “Last week I was playing my Hammered Dulcimer in Japan, and now here… Continue reading


“We haven’t always been interested in American History. We just came to see The Searchers¬† a year or so ago and it sort of struck a chord.” Such a chord, in fact, that… Continue reading

Trago joy

These people bumped into each other outside Trago in Falmouth. Their joy at seeing each other was palpable. Or maybe it was simply delight at the price of daffodil bulbs. .

Family business

Nigel lives in America now with his wife, but had come back to Cornwall to visit his mum and bring her to Redruth to see what had become of their old family business.… Continue reading