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Cornwall’s a Drag

We snorted snuff on our first date. It was the first time either of us had tried it and you can sit in a bar and do it. Plus it feels a bit… Continue reading

If You Go Down Tehidy Woods Today…

We’re Rogue Theatre and we’re here at Tehidy Woods doing a show called The Wild Woodland Summer Ball for the next few weeks – from the 15th to the 31st August. There are two… Continue reading

As Mad as Anyone Else

My old man was a pisshead bus driver – a lot of bus drivers in the 70s were pissheads. He became a bus driver because he’d done it in the army. He was… Continue reading

The Runt of the Clutch

He’s three years old, he’s hand reared, he’s the runt of the clutch, and he thinks I’m mum. He does talk – he says his name, which is Plucky. He also says, ‘Hello… Continue reading

A Lilac Swiss Boar

My daughter’s 42 and I’ve been showing Guinea Pigs since she was four. I’ve lost count of the amount of shows we do each year but we go as far as Yorkshire for… Continue reading

A Good Balance

I’m 37 weeks pregnant so I’ve got approximately three weeks to go. The first three or four months were pretty bad – I had really bad morning sickness but since that passed I’ve… Continue reading

A Cornish Oaf

When I was 16 I had a St. Piran’s cross hoody from SJ’s Skate Shop in Truro, and I wore it all the time. Both my granddads made it alright to be Cornish,… Continue reading

Holding the Needle

I’ve got Type 1 Diabetes, which is the genetic one. I was diagnosed when I was 12, and I’ve been measuring and controlling my blood sugar and injecting myself ever since. I have… Continue reading

Magic and Memory

I get my knowledge from the sea. Sometimes it’s in and I know more than most people do, but at other times it’s out and I can be quite dull. I have learned… Continue reading

Nearly Cornish

I had a big fight with some people in Bournemouth about 6 years ago and I damaged one of them and half damaged another so I grew the beard as a disguise even… Continue reading