Not Just a Job


This pub used to be called ‘Ye Olde Fisherman’s Arms’ but now it’s just Fisherman’s Arms. It’s still a typical old Cornish pub though, and that’s how I like it.

I run the pub for a company called Anglo Welsh associates. We buy leases on pubs up and down the country and I get the choice of which one I work in. I’ve had a couple of pubs before, but I like this one – it’s the one I want to stay in and settle. It’s a proper pub – it’s how pubs should be: cosy, warm, friendly, and good beer.

Before I started in the pub trade I was living on a beach in the Canary Islands, slumming it and surfing. After that I moved to Bude to teach surfing and got a part time job in a bar. Teaching surfing in the UK is extremely seasonal – there is no winter trade so come wintertime you’ve got to find another job anyway. I enjoyed the bar work, and as it went on I got more responsibility and I was enjoying that too. Once the season finished I became full time barman and it progressed from there. I put a lot of effort into my work – I take pride in it. I work very hard.

You think this is busy now, but come summertime you can’t move, especially during Looe Festival. We don’t have the capacity for food here – we’re really small – just drinks and good times. And we’re one of only two pubs in the town that has a beer garden. It’s a dainty little suntrap up the back, which does help. We rely on the summer trade to help us tick over in the winter which is a quiet period, but that’s when the locals venture back into town. The locals are very friendly round here. Running this pub is not just a job – it’s a career. It’s everything – my home, my business, my life. I have really landed on my feet here.


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