Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Never Looked Back

Him: “I’m half Mexican, half Native-American – Apache Indian – and I used to be a computer engineer in Jacksonville for the Ford Motor Company. I was in charge of a closed network… Continue reading

Honest and Real

Ten years ago my father started a smallholding and we’ve both been making TV shows and writing about self-sufficiency and sustainable living on and off. One of our shows is on again at… Continue reading

Pirates of St. Piran

I’m a Cornish pirate, my dear, and we love Cornish pasties. If you hang around here for a while we’ll be treating your ears to a selection of our finest sea shanties. My… Continue reading

Bard of the Gorsedd

This is a Bal Maiden costume and the hat is called a Gook. There are several different designs that women used to wear – different designs at different mines. A friend of mine… Continue reading

Bellyboarding Babe

I’m only carrying this flag because I was handed it by an official. He said, ‘Can you hold this for a photograph please?’ Coming to the Bellyboarding Championships was a madcap idea from… Continue reading

No Shame

When I was 27, I gave up my flat, my fiancé and my job in Canada and bought a one-way ticket to London. I’d woken up one morning and it was like I… Continue reading

World Bellyboarding Championships

The World Bellyboarding Championships started off as a small competition a few years ago with about 13 competitors and now it’s turned into this cacophony of people. I work for the National Trust… Continue reading

You can take my photo, but I don’t want to talk to you.

Transient Art

I started making Transient Art a couple of years ago. This is only a tiny practice piece because it was going to be too windy to make one on the beach this evening.… Continue reading

Being Betty Stoggs

People think being Betty Stoggs is my real job, but actually I’m a sales manager for M. A. Grigg at St. Austell. Originally I was nominated to do Betty Stoggs for the first… Continue reading