pugwash this one

Pugwash is my nickname from years and years ago. In the late 60s/70s there was a craze for military uniforms and my mate had a really fancy velvet jacket with big sleeves and I had a police uniform with some purple ribbon on and brass buttons. One time we were walking down the town and we saw this guy we knew who was called Green John because he always wore this tatty green jacket. Anyway, as we got up to about 10 feet from him, he screamed and ran away. So, as you do, we ran after him going, ‘What’s the matter John?’ And he was still screaming and running. We went round the corner and there was a bloke there called Big Lou (his name was John Lewis – he wasn’t the shop), and he’d got hold of him by the jacket but Green John had wriggled out and run away still screaming. Big Lou’s laughing when we run up so we say, ‘What’s the matter with him?’ and he says, ‘Well, he thinks you’re Captain Pugwash and your mate’s Captain Blood and you’re going to make him walk the plank.’ He was off his tree on acid, see. So the name Pugwash just stuck. Funny thing was it never stuck with my mate and his name was Dave Heart.