Monthly Archive: August, 2014

As He Leads

After I left school I went into the Air Force and ended up driving lorries. When the Falklands War came along my wife left me – I was there driving lorries and she… Continue reading

Cornwall’s a Drag

We snorted snuff on our first date. It was the first time either of us had tried it and you can sit in a bar and do it. Plus it feels a bit… Continue reading

Escaping the Rat Race

This is an Austin 7 Nippy. My son found it in a barn in Somerset. It’s quite a rare little car – they only made about 500 of them. The tax ran out… Continue reading

If You Go Down Tehidy Woods Today…

We’re Rogue Theatre and we’re here at Tehidy Woods doing a show called The Wild Woodland Summer Ball for the next few weeks – from the 15th to the 31st August. There are two… Continue reading

A Bit of a Lad

We called our tea room ‘Olde Penny’s’ after our grandfather. His name was Philip Perkin Penberthy and Penny was his nickname during the war. Penny’s also a play on words for the old… Continue reading

Stand Up and Be Counted

I’m a Cornishman alright – there’s not much doubt about that – and I was a miner for about 11 years. I got this tattoo of Wheal Busy Mine done a while ago,… Continue reading

In Charge of My Destiny

My mum married my stepdad when I was 11. He was my stepdad, but to me he was my real dad. My actual real dad could walk in here and I wouldn’t have… Continue reading


Pugwash is my nickname from years and years ago. In the late 60s/70s there was a craze for military uniforms and my mate had a really fancy velvet jacket with big sleeves and… Continue reading

Working Together

  We’ve just opened this place – it’s a new venture – a collaboration between four separate businesses. We were all in Trevithick Market at Camborne, but it didn’t work out for us… Continue reading

A Walking Miracle

I’ve got this scar right across my forehead where I had an operation. When I’d just turned 34 – at two o’clock on Sunday the 27th of November 1994 – three veins collapsed… Continue reading