Monthly Archive: July, 2014

From Scum to Hero

I’ve been in the papers twice. Once I was called ‘scum’ and the other time I was called ‘hero.’ There’s a guildhall right in the middle of the square in Peterborough. About twenty… Continue reading

All Change

I was born in Redruth Hospital and used to live in Camborne but I moved to Falmouth years ago and in some ways I regret it. I gave up driving years ago and… Continue reading

Understanding the Past

I think a lot of people would like to write a book, and a lot of people could. But it’s about opportunity – my circumstances at the time meant I was able to… Continue reading

The Runt of the Clutch

He’s three years old, he’s hand reared, he’s the runt of the clutch, and he thinks I’m mum. He does talk – he says his name, which is Plucky. He also says, ‘Hello… Continue reading

A Lilac Swiss Boar

My daughter’s 42 and I’ve been showing Guinea Pigs since she was four. I’ve lost count of the amount of shows we do each year but we go as far as Yorkshire for… Continue reading

Life as you want it

I work in Children’s Services looking after the welfare of children and supporting families. Quite often it’s about problem solving and helping people to find solutions when they’re in difficult situations, so it’s… Continue reading

Fishing at Argal

I think the world is too fast and everything’s pretty screwed up so I think most people come out fishing for a bit of peace and quiet – to get away from it.… Continue reading

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, etc.

I’ve been spoofed by William Overman again. Or George Ohwell. He’s an elusive devil.

A Good Balance

I’m 37 weeks pregnant so I’ve got approximately three weeks to go. The first three or four months were pretty bad – I had really bad morning sickness but since that passed I’ve… Continue reading

Cornish Music

We started Dalla around the year 2000 – me and my husband. We’ve produced five albums now and done gigs from tiny little village halls right up to big stages. We were in… Continue reading