Bare Knuckle Determination


I finished my Music degree in May and I just got offered a job. One of my friends works for Bare Knuckle Pickups and said they’re looking for someone. I phoned up and said, ‘I’ve heard there’s a job going, would it be alright if I applied?’ and someone took my number. I didn’t hear anything for a couple of days and then I got a phone call asking me to come in for a trial, and I got the job. I’ll be winding pickups and putting pickups together, hopefully, and learning to do all of it. It’s great because as a guitarist it’s a dream job. What better thing to be doing than working with guitars?

Life is really going well at the moment – not only getting my dream job, but I’ve also lost five stone. I did it off my own back through nutrition and intense exercise and nothing else. I used Internet sources to learn a lot about what to eat, and I had a gym membership that I made the most of. Pure determination was my weapon – that’s what got me through it.

Throughout school I was a big lad and I was always badly picked on for it. In many cases the bullying amounted to abuse and it really damaged my self-esteem. In August I decided it was time to change that. I think once you’ve been through bullying it’s very hard not to hate people who bully, but I do know that they’ve usually had bad lives themselves. They sometimes have parents who are damaged as well and they haven’t learned empathy. I think the only thing that can stop bullying is for kids to be taught empathy. Once you have empathy for other people, you just can’t be a bully. It is horrible, but in a way… if I hadn’t been through that, I’d never have achieved what I’ve achieved. I needed the bullies to be there to spur the change. Over the last year my life has completely changed. For me it’s about the way I view myself – not necessarily on the outside – but my inner sense of self-worth. I’ve finally got it back.