Monthly Archive: June, 2014

The Age of Steam

I got interested in steam because of my friends, really. I’ve got a friend from school and she’s quite into steam engines too. My dad hardly knows anything about it. I’m a member… Continue reading

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

This is one of my favourite equations. It’s called Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and it says that the product of a thing’s – maybe a particle like an electron’s – change in position and… Continue reading

Music and Banter

“We used to work at Redruth Radio…” “Yeah we were DJs…” “Yeah, DJs…” “We used to play music and talk about stuff. It was a music and banter show.” “It was only voluntary… Continue reading

Rocking Retirement

I went straight into work on my dad’s farm when I left school. I’d have liked to have done catering, but when you’re brought up in farming you know that’s what you’re going… Continue reading

Tehidy Disney

I come to the woods after work most days because I love nature. A couple of us bring bottles of water for the dogs and I like to bring old bread and nuts… Continue reading

Back to my Roots

I was born in Falmouth and when I left school in 1966 I worked in Liptons which used to be opposite where Tesco is now. Then when I got married I got a… Continue reading

It’s a Wrap

“Our mate Perry’s getting married tomorrow and this is his car. He left it here last night.” “Where are they getting married?” “In Falmouth at the Princess Pavilions.” “Brilliant. When’s he going to… Continue reading

A Very Happy Life

You quite often get Bass along here. Tide’s coming in at the moment – it’s high tide at 1 o’clock, but it’s a neap tide so it’s quite low. I’ve been fishing pretty… Continue reading

Bare Knuckle Determination

I finished my Music degree in May and I just got offered a job. One of my friends works for Bare Knuckle Pickups and said they’re looking for someone. I phoned up and… Continue reading

Mousehole Art

I was born in Madron and I’ve always lived in Cornwall. The Scandinavian influence in my paintings comes from working with my husband Ben whose mum is Swedish. Ben makes furniture with a… Continue reading