Healing the Emptiness

shaman this one

I work as a Psychologist and a Shaman. I work in a hospital in Plymouth half of the time and privately for the rest. I’ve learned to integrate the two approaches. I listen to people’s story and then I do energy work. I originally trained in Psychology and then I trained in Mexican traditional healing and it transformed my life and my practice. It helped me make sense of what I was experiencing with my patients – I was experiencing weird stuff that I had no way to understand.

We have a pool of energy or spirit that is ours but when we face trauma we lose that – it escapes the body. Sometimes it’s a way of surviving, even. Sometimes it’s as simple as you fall off your bike and there’s a bit of your vital force that leaves your body. But it comes back because we have a natural propensity to heal. But when it’s a very deep psychological trauma some part of your spirit can stay out of your body and not come back. And then the body has a hole inside and it’s filled with crap – you know – other people’s energy and stuff. People say, ‘I’ve never felt the same since that happened’ or they feel empty. Sometimes you’re with somebody and you feel they have a hole inside themselves, and you don’t know what to do if you’re a Psychologist because you can’t make sense of what it is you’re feeling. As a Shaman you learn that when people are unhappy they lose their soul or spirit and there are techniques for bringing it back. Basically it’s calling the spirit and blowing it back inside the body by using flowers and fire and stuff. You call the energies and bring it back. That’s a summary of it.