The Heartbeat of the World


This is a self-help spinning group (self help because otherwise I end up trying to teach people and I never get to do any spinning). It’s based at Sue’s Wool Shop (Pratt’s Market, Hayle) on the second Monday of every month. There’s also one in Penzance, and one that happens once a week in the library at St. Just. It’s not a psychological self help group – although it does help with that stuff a bit. People are welcome to come along, give it a go, have a bit of a chat and a cup of coffee… You feel like you’re achieving something, you get to have fun with friends, freak everyone out when you turn up with yet another new thing and they’re going, “What’s that?”

When you get involved in spinning, you start to learn about other people in other parts of the world because it’s a longstanding traditional craft. The people who make these Ashford spinning wheels actually give some wheels to people in the developing world to help the women make a living. So everywhere it’s a means that the women are connecting together and working together. Spinning is very therapeutic. When you’re spinning on your own inside or outside, it’s almost meditative – you feel like you’re connecting. You get into a regular rhythm and it’s like you’re tapping in to the heartbeat of the world.