Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Finding Peace

My son is at Falmouth sailing school and he bought me a surfboard for my birthday so we’ve been surfing for the last few days. I’m a complete beginner and I haven’t caught… Continue reading

Cornish Expat

Cornwall is where I come from – it’s where I grew up and where I have a lot of filial connections, but it’s not my home because I have a new life and… Continue reading

Bruce Crantock’s ‘Simple’ Silversmithing

I’ve been here for 12 years, and silversmithing for 30 years. I started with an apprenticeship in Newquay. For the first three months they set me onto polishing ingots to make sure I… Continue reading

Better Than Drugs

My life’s mental. I put festivals on and I’m in two bands as well, so I come down here for my lull before the storm. It feels like home. I don’t know why… Continue reading

A Good Cause

I did a challenge in February to raise money for Tanisha’s Gift. Tanisha was a student at my college who sadly died, and we raise money in her memory. I had to train… Continue reading

Losing a Father and Gaining a Dad

My real dad lived with us until I was five and he used to beat my mum to a pulp. He was 25 stone with a turn in his eye and he was… Continue reading

Morris Minor Love

This is my first car and I’ve had it for nearly three years. I bought it on ebay for about £300. It wasn’t driving when I bought it, but my dad fixes cars,… Continue reading

One Speed

My best mate was a head chef down here, and he suggested I come down, so I did and now I’m a chef at Porthminster Beach Cafe. I’ve been here for two years,… Continue reading

Happy with my Lot

I’m not the harbour master – I’m just the lackey. I suppose I’m his deputy really. The harbour master’s job is to police the harbour – make sure everybody’s abiding by the rules… Continue reading

Holiday Romance

I came down from London to stay with my Nan for a holiday in October, and about three weeks in I saw her when I was out one night. After that I kept… Continue reading