stop atos

We’re here to protest against what ATOS is doing to disabled people. ATOS is a French company who are employed by the government at HUGE cost to the taxpayer to run Work Capability Assessments and decide whether people are eligible for Disability Living Allowance. We are campaigning for the assessments to be done by GPs because they are the ones who know the patients in their care – not by a profit-driven multinational corporation who send out a tick box test on a computer instead of really knowing the people they’re assessing.

Since they started doing these assessments, 10,600 people have died after they were assessed as fit for work. That’s within 6 weeks of assessment. The system is inhuman. It’s along the lines of auto-genocide. They’re trying to wipe out people like us – we’re deemed as no longer any use to society. There doesn’t seem to be any inbetween – you’re either all but dead or you’re fit for work. If you appeal they put you on a mandatory consideration which means they can take as long as they like to reassess you and in the meantime, they put you on the lowest rate of living allowance. If you don’t like that, they put you on Jobseekers – and you know what that means – you’re fit for work.  40% of appeals against ATOS’s decisions are upheld,  and that shows how badly the system is working. There are plenty of health professionals who blow the whistle on it. It’s got to stop.