Angry and Demoralised – Stop ATOS (2)


This wreath is to commemorate the people who have died because of ATOS Work Capability Assessments. There are known to be 30 people who have been registered with the coroner as dying because of the assessments. Many have committed suicide, and many more have died as a result of being found fit to work when they weren’t.

I had a report sent to me asking lots of personal questions. They asked, ‘can you wipe your own backside?’, ‘can you dress yourself?’, ‘do you have to use incontinence equipment?’, ‘can you handle your own incontinence equipment?’. They even asked ‘can you put a pen in your pocket?’ and ‘can you press a computer key with one finger?’ Before they brought ATOS in, you used to see a proper doctor, but these are just called ‘Health Practitioners’. They don’t necessarily have specialised clinical training. It makes me feel so angry and so demoralised.