Monthly Archive: February, 2014

She Saved Me

I was in a boy’s home most of my life and when I left at 16, I had no direction. If you don’t know what you want to do, there’s nobody there to… Continue reading

A Better Future

I’m a Personal Learning Coach which means I support students who’re at college because they’ve been removed from school for behavioural problems.  A lot of people discard these students because they can be… Continue reading

What can YOU do?

“I probably am a Face of Cornwall because I’m always out picking up litter. My son and I regularly pop up here and there. We do lay-bys and things sometimes – not spontaneously… Continue reading

Making a Life

What I’m trying to figure out at the moment is how to make a life and a living in the county I grew up in, but I may have to move away again… Continue reading

Fish Rescue

I know she isn’t a human, but she DOES have a face and she DOES live in Cornwall, so I would like to introduce you to this fish called Puff. She once lived… Continue reading

Spearhead and Blades

I did some research into Polynesian art for my tattoo, and the spearhead and blades I have on my arm signify overcoming things – it’s sort of about strength, but more about overcoming… Continue reading

Justifiable Schadenfreude

I’ve always been into performance and the circus which is why I’m a fan of minstrels and bards. I’m so obsessed that I even play the lute, but I haven’t got it with… Continue reading

Porthtowan Panto

I’m on a break from being in the panto with the Porthtowan Players – I’m in the chorus of Dick Whittington in the village hall. Our last performance is this evening and I… Continue reading

Getting Battered

I started canoeing with school a few years ago and this is the second time I’ve done it at Marazion. The first time was rougher than this and I got destroyed. It was… Continue reading


We’re here to protest against what ATOS is doing to disabled people. ATOS is a French company who are employed by the government at HUGE cost to the taxpayer to run Work Capability… Continue reading