Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Baby Hobbies

She’s just started to crawl and she’s absolutely everywhere now. She loves swimming, and she does full on planking on the side of the pool and then lets herself roll in. Oh, and… Continue reading

In Loving Memory

I like to pretend this is my garden, but really it belongs to the County Council. It used to be the Basset’s rose garden. They were very, very rich – made all their… Continue reading

Quote Him

“We’re a bit boring, so just put: ‘Sometimes words can’t do pictures justice, so here you go – two people in love’.” “Yeah. Quote him, not me.” .

Newton for Ladies

I’m reading Anna Karenina. It’s about Russian society. I’m about 700 pages through it but I don’t really like any of the characters – especially not Anna Karenina. She’s just an awful person… Continue reading

Passman’s Shorts

“What’s your greatest claim to fame?” “I’m not the sort of person who cares about things like that. Although you can see me on YouTube in one of Hedluv and Passman‘s little video… Continue reading

The economics of good coffee

For 30-odd years I was in publishing in Surrey. Three of my publications were featured on Have I got New for You: Nuclear Engineering International was one I was publishing director for; I… Continue reading

Lottie Loves

I studied Fashion at university, but that made me hate designing. When I finished uni I started the Lottie Loves website and became brand manager for the Love brand at Top Shop. Then… Continue reading

Celtic Minstrel

I use the name An Gwer, which means ‘The Green’ in Cornish. All this green does make me look like a leprechaun, but I’m more of a Cornish Piskie. I’m not Irish, I… Continue reading

Creating the future

I’m from Poland and I’ve been here since December. I’m working in a care home with people suffering from Dementia. It’s very interesting and sad, but what can I do? All I can… Continue reading

F**k the sea

‘I woke up at 9:11 this morning and went to turn the computer on. Then I heard Alice yelling “where are you?!”  I rushed in and she was sitting up in bed with… Continue reading