Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Star Cobbler

Dad left school at 14 and learned the cobbler’s trade up Mr Yates’s in West End. He worked from a shed up Plain an Gwarry in the 50s.  My dad and uncle started… Continue reading

Captain Evil

My name in Captain Evil. I spend my days contemplating evil. Today I’m thinking evil thoughts on a beach.   .

Tiny hands, old hands

I don’t believe in Jesus. Not one little bit. Or God. And I’m not really sure of the difference. But I like nice. Particularly when people make an effort to be nice. Being… Continue reading

Glastonbury Luck

I’m from Cornwall, but I lived in Glastonbury for a while so there’s a real connection for me – one of my children was conceived there. I collect this myself from the base… Continue reading

Kitty Gubbins

We’re just having a fag break before the very last Vintage Flea Market at the WI. They’ve sold the building. I’ve been collecting vintage clothes since I was 13, and my mum did… Continue reading

Ho Ho Zzz

“Do you have to spend all day sitting there waiting for children?” “Only on weekends.” “You need some secret headphones under your Santa hat.” “It’s OK, I just nap.” .


I’m originally from the Midlands, but my bloke studied 3d Design at Falmouth, so I suppose I moved down here for love. We want to save enough money to get a smallholding –… Continue reading

Quit or Die

Yes, this IS a real tarantula, and those are real scorpions. Don’t worry, they’re not endangered. People deep fry them. They curl up when they’re dropped in oil and then you snap the… Continue reading

No Fixed Abode

We’re called No Fixed Abode and we formed the duo to raise some money because we’re planning to travel Europe and visit Boom Festival in Portugal. We’ve got some music up on our… Continue reading

Street Prayer

In Redruth.