Porthtowan Planky



I started using these kind of bodyboards 50 years ago. You can only go waist deep with one of these because you can’t float on them like you can a boogie board. You have to get your timing right because you’ve got to jump onto them when the wave is right. If the wave’s too small you just fizzle out, and if you get one that’s too big you go, “Ooh, I’m going to die now.” You see people using boogie boards like that and they might as well have one of these instead. Good people on boogie boards can go out and play with the big boys out there. There’s an art to it. You need one with fins so you can get up enough speed otherwise you have to work really hard. I went to hire one of these boards in Biarritz where the French call them ‘planche’. When I asked the Australian bloke for one, he said “Ah – you want a planky.” Lots of people call them that.