It is rare (never) that we feature a guest photograph here on One & All, but this one was a bit too good to miss. It arrived in the inbox of our Facebook page, and the following explanatory conversation ensued:

Jonathan Xavier Coudrille:

Love the page my ‘ansome. Pictured: myself and the band ‘Gwelhellin’ taking tea on the Cadgwith cliffs with dangerous David Painter and Anthonius Tony Apple. I’m strictly a Lizard-Onion, conceived at Landewednack, but have been back in the family homestead in Grade parish for 23 years. You seem to have a green moustache, unlike me. Best regards, JXC.

One & All: The Many Faces of Cornwall:

Evening, Jonathan. I am particularly keen on the combination of facial hair, tea and cliffs. Perhaps you will allow me to turn it into a guest post. It will be the only photo we haven’t taken ourselves, mind. It may feel a little nervous and out of place at first. But the other photos are very friendly.

Jonathan Xavier Coudrille:

You’re most welcome and, I doubt nervosity will be a serious deterrent. info: Dangerous Dado lives at Breage and used to have an hotel in Newquay, and Anthonius and family are in the lush valley of Germoe. Pro musician like m’self. Both on FB. Jumping Pilchards, is that the time? G’night. Best JXC.


You can find out more about Gwelhellin on their website.