Monthly Archive: September, 2013


“Thoughts are like waves, really. Lots of energy goes into them – KABOOM – and then they’re gone. Every bit of that massive sea is a drop of rain. That’s mad, isn’t it.… Continue reading

Walk Cornwall

We are part of a group of Christians of all denominations from all over the country here to reach out to people and tell them about Jesus. Every year a different place is… Continue reading

Gothic Lolita

I like Metallica. They are the best band in the world. Period. Also, Birthday Massacre are quite groovy (TM). I’m quite into Japanese fashions and the Gothic Lolita thing. I make my clothes… Continue reading

Teapots and Polka Dots

I have a fashion blog on Tumblr called Teapots and Polka Dots. I post outfits of the day and write about my inspirations. I use the Polyvore collage creator to put together my… Continue reading

This is a book

The thing about people who run independent book shops is that we don’t get out much. There’s not many of us left, but Wadebridge is a brilliant town for an independent. It has… Continue reading

Keeping out of trouble

“What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?” “Finding out I was pregnant was the weirdest thing. Apart from this.” “How has having your son changed your life?” “Before I had him… Continue reading

Ferret Freestyle

“It’s a very unusual thing to see a ferret on the pier.” “He likes swimming in the evening.” “Oh, really?” “Well, I dunno. He’s only done it once in the sink.” .

Wasp-proof headgear

“Who are you phoning?” “Auntie Pat.” “What’s she doing today?” “She hasn’t answered yet… Oh, hello. It’s Eloise. What are you doing? … (She’s putting out the washing and making some jelly)… Ok.… Continue reading

Posh Pasties

I moved down here to go into business with my best mate James who’s a bit of a celebrity chef. He and his wife wanted to start their own business and pasties are… Continue reading

We control our bodies

I enjoy being on my own. Before my illness I used to go off on my own for 2-3 days and people would say, “how do you manage?” “How do you go out… Continue reading