Pottery in the family

gwithian lady

I always bring a chair up here because I’ve got nerve damage in my feet, so I can’t walk very far. The doctor says it happened because I was really stressed when my dad was seriously ill, but I don’t know about that. I put the chair here so I can see if anyone’s tampering with my husband’s car. It’s a Golf Cabriolet Mark 1 – a soft top. He put it in a Show and Shine competition at Stithians Show so it’s shined up real nice. Daisy’s bitten her tongue so she’s going to bleed all over it now…

Dad was fine in the end. They said he was as fit as a 30 year old. We’re both potters, and you have to be strong because you use a lot of muscle lifting moulds and stuff. I did learn pottery from Dad, but it was hard using his wheel because I’m left handed. You get left and right handed wheels. I didn’t have use of a left handed wheel until I got a job teaching people to throw pots at Poldark Mine. Dad’s more interesting than me though. He used to work for Bernard Leach, and he was the potter on one of those little 10 second films the BBC showed between programmes in the early 90s. You just saw a quick pic of his head and then his hands as he threw a pot. I was really proud.