Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Semi retirement

I’ve been doing this for nearly 49 years. Started when I was 21. I used to have two yards, but they were on at me to¬† get retired, so I gave one of… Continue reading

Sowing seeds

I used to be… I suppose it’s called ‘Course Manager’ now… for BTEC Agricultural and Marine Engineering and I was diagnosed with depression. They put me on tablets but it wasn’t making any… Continue reading

Pottery in the family

I always bring a chair up here because I’ve got nerve damage in my feet, so I can’t walk very far. The doctor says it happened because I was really stressed when my… Continue reading

Fear nothing

I came out of prison in January. I did nine months in the Czech Republic for a political cultural protest. They were going to close the opera house in the town where I… Continue reading

No man has ever kept me

“I’m an old-fashioned girl and I take after my Gran, Henrietta. She ran a corner shop and brought up four children all on her own. She ended up owning three houses. Her shop… Continue reading

Be who you are because everyone else is taken

“Did you intend to have the air of a cartoon Frenchman today?” “Non.” “Are you Cornish?” “I reside here, but I’m not a local.” “How did you end up here?” “I got on… Continue reading

The Edge of the World

“The shop used to be called Books Plus. We wanted to call it something that sounded like a book title and might fire people’s imagination. And of course we are at the edge… Continue reading

The silliness of it all

“Where I’m from in the States everyone’s into organic farming and urban gardening. They’re trying to get away from their dependency on Walmart and the corporations. People are making their own clothes and… Continue reading

music maker

“Oh, I don’t want my face on the Internet cos the tax man’ll have me. Not that I earn enough, but you can’t be too careful. I don’t mind if you photograph the… Continue reading

F*** off in a good way

“This one means ‘A-OK’ and this one means ‘fuck off’ in a good way. When I was 16 I met Bob Marley when he played at Bingley Hall in Staffordshire. It was in… Continue reading