Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Arresting moustaches

I’m from Cornwall, but my girlfriend is Swedish and we’re living in Stockholm because Masters programmes are free in Sweden to EU residents. I’m studying Music Industry Management, and manage a few bands.… Continue reading


“I don’t feel right. I’ve never been right since I stopped smoking in December. I started smoking at 13 and gave up at 43. That’s 30 years with a fag in me hand.… Continue reading

American Dream

Patrick Lowry is a charming, self-effacing and down-to-earth installation artist and lecturer whose most recent work was a full size replica of the front of an American 1950s house and garden that appeared… Continue reading

Ringo & George

“I’d had horses for 20 years and then I met Pete who made me realise that I didn’t know a thing about them. Shire horses are completely different, especially where personal space is… Continue reading

X-Rated Eavesdropping

Overheard while standing among this performer’s audience at Lafrowda Festival: “Would you do him?” “I think everyone here would do him.” Clearly nobody can resist a man in a pith helmet. No wonder… Continue reading

Watching the watcher

Spotted from the other side of the harbour at Porthleven.

Cornish chic

I interrupted this victim on a walk with her equally stylish mother along Porthleven Harbour. She’s currently working in London, but clearly gets her excellent dress sense from her Cornish childhood.

A nod and a wink

My Grandad was the Customs and Excise Officer along Dean Point – that’s where the cargo ships used to go to load up quarried stone. I used to think it was the best… Continue reading


This lovely lady was playing Jenga with her daughter outside a beach bar when her dress and hair caught my eye. “I know everyone hates having their photo taken, but would you…?” “Ok,… Continue reading

I’m my own Google

“Would you mind me taking a photo of you for my blog? I’ve got a bit of a beard theme going on.” “I don’t have a beard. I don’t know what you’re talking… Continue reading