Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Imported Balloons

“I’m not from Cornwall. I’m only here to sell balloons.” “Oh, is it worth coming all the way here for that? Do we have a particularly large balloon clientelle?” “It’s not really worth… Continue reading

Kneehigh pop-up theatre?

I have no idea what was happening here on the main street of Truro because I only caught the end of it, but it had something to do with fishing and love and… Continue reading

52 Things I Love About You

“It was our two-year anniversary yesterday. She wrote ’52 things I love about you’ on a pack of playing cards, punched holes in them and put them in a ring binder.” “Yeah, most… Continue reading

“When I have children I’ll make them sit in an Audi Convertible.”

“Are you a naughty human?” “I’m an evil.” “What have you done that’s evil?” “I made a hole in a gate with a piece of metal.” “I’m not sure making a hole in… Continue reading

Harlequin Fool

“That’s twice in the last month someone’s told me I’m interesting. I got asked to do an interview for Fashion TV in London. They did my make up and hair and everything.” “That’s… Continue reading

Tickets Please

If you need to buy a ticket at Redruth station any time, you may well come across Hector the cat rolling around behind the plexiglass screen. He is pictured here with one of… Continue reading

An Apple a Day

This little person distracted me from some serious, grown-up conversation in Truro today. Good work, little person. .

Hand on heart

Redruth’s Murdoch Day parade inspired a spontaneous gesture – perhaps of patriotism – in one of its viewers. .

Protect and Perfect

A lady in Falmouth giving an advert the contemptuous glance it deserves.     .  

“Spain is in tatters”

“How did you end up in Cornwall from Spain?” “I was at uni doing Engineering and they gave me a grant to study abroad. The only place they were connected with was Camborne… Continue reading