A change of Life

We spent three weeks on holiday in Cornwall last October and we decided to change everything in our lives. We were tired and looking for something new, so we started looking for some… Continue reading

Badger your MP

I’m here to help promote the badger vaccination programme for West Cornwall. This is something I proposed over a year ago and now we’ve got the Zoological Society of London behind us and… Continue reading

Canine Colleague

Years and years ago I took over a milk delivery franchise in Penzance from the Co-op. When I arrived there one day, one of the roundsmen didn’t turn up for work, and the… Continue reading

Another World is Possible

I used to be a councillor for Camborne West, but I’m alright now. I decided, in the words of Tony Benn, to get out and do some real campaigning so I’m here representing… Continue reading


I’ve got four children and one foster son, so that’s five. And seven grandchildren. One of my daughters is disabled. She has a terminal syndrome called Cranio-cerebello-cardiac Syndrome which means all her development… Continue reading

My Fragile Harp

I’m going to St. Ives later on. I’ve played down there on the seafront for 30 years now; I’m a professional street musician. I learned to play on the streets – taught myself… Continue reading

Marks, Set, Go

I am from Cornwall but I’m living in Exeter at the moment for work. I do sound design for theatre and dance. I wouldn’t say I was a composer because it’s not just… Continue reading

Life Enrichment

This is Buffy – as in the vampire slayer – and Smokey Joe is over there. We bring them down to the beach regularly to exercise on the wet sand. It makes a… Continue reading

Tool in the Box

I was stationed here with the Navy in 1991 and have been based here ever since. I was in Afghanistan for some of my time, and on one occasion we had a helicopter… Continue reading

Penzance Joy

There was a brilliant troupe (is that the right collective noun?) of drummers in Penzance today. This little star thought they were pretty good too.